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Human Computer Interaction Design Principles

Question: Examine about the Human Computer Interaction Design Principles. Answer: Presentation The reason for the report is to dissect the site the Human-Computer Interaction plan standards. The work area adaptation of the site has been utilized to lead the examination. The fundamental highlights of the site alongside the positive and negative parts of the equivalent have been featured in the report. Proposal and recommendations alongside the surveys from two different clients has likewise been delineated in detail in the report. Site Overview The site the brand MYER is an online retail location that gives the clients the items having a place with style, excellence and way of life space. It additionally incorporates a blog that rundowns the absolute most recent patterns in these fields to help the clients to get right decisions (Myer, 2016). Principle Features The site is for the most part separated in to four expansive areas as Header, Menu, Body and Footer. The header shows the brand name plainly alongside the Search capacity to straightforwardly reach to the ideal alternative. Alongside these, the header contains login usefulness and the catches that connect to store locator, inventory, list of things to get and sack. Header Section The menu present underneath the header area has the accompanying alternatives: Ladies Men Miss shop Magnificence Children toys Home Electrical Deal Myer one Blog Every one of the menu alternative has sub-choices present under it with connections to the item classification. Mouse drift on any of the menu alternative shows the sub-choices present under the equivalent. The body segment of the site comprises of various item pictures masterminded flawlessly and the connections to purchase the equivalent. The footer segment comprises a portion of the basic connections which the client pays special mind to, for example, Contact Us, About Us, administrations and offers. The base right of the footer area shows a connect to the well known informal communication stages. The privilege most vertical sheet gives a connect to the store area for Myer. Footer Section The accompanying wireframe shows a fundamental structure of the landing page of the site. Positive Aspects The site has been planned with HTML and JavaScript and scores entirely well on the intelligent and ease of use viewpoints. To add introduction data to the website pages, style language called CSS has been utilized (Sklar, 2014). The positive parts of the site are as recorded beneath: Proficiency and Usability The site has been intended for the client to pay special mind to and shop the items from the design, magnificence and way of life classifications. It drills down all the items perfectly explicit to the classifications (Preece, Sharp and Rogers, 2015). Decrease of momentary memory loads The presentations that have been decided for the site are kept basic and the numerous page shows are united effectively (, 2016). Route Route is a significant part of ease of use in the website composition which is an ace in the hole in this specific case. The site permits simple route between all the pages present inside. Simplicity of use The parts of the site are plain as day in nature and the site is likewise simple to use as far as data present and lucidity of the equivalent. Look Feel The whole look and feel of the site is engaging with its right decision of topic and hues that works out positively for the motivation behind the site. Order of Control The order of impact between the different components and segments of the site are unmistakably obvious and clear (Trenchard-Seys, 2010). For example, the zoom highlight is empowered in the guide that is shown on the Store Locator page. Negative Aspects There are a couple of negative viewpoints about the site which are as recorded beneath: Irregularity The site ought to keep up consistency over the entirety of the pages which are one of the prime HCI plan standard. In any case, there is a touch of irregularity for this situation on the inventory page which doesn't have a similar header and menu segment as the remainder of the pages. Header Section for list page Link: beginning/57b68d7yg.html?pid=promotedCatalogue#pageNo=0 Blunder Handling The site additionally doesn't score well on the blunder dealing with. One case to help the equivalent is, if a client doesn't enter anything in the Search box and endeavors to look, there is no activity that is performed by the site. Be that as it may, an improved arrangement is show a message educating client to enter a pursuit esteem in the hunt box. Intelligibility of text The text dimension, shading and style that have been decided for the website pages permit simple perceivability, lucidity and meaningfulness. In any case, there is covering of text on a couple of pages that would not look great to the end client. Covering of text Link: Site Review Other Users Survey 1 The principal survey was finished by a companion, Sarah. Sarah is a style originator and is 35 years old. She was especially dazzled with the format and posting of items on the site. She anyway felt that since the site has a place with the space of design and magnificence, the shading plan that has been utilized could have been a little more splendid that would go conversely with the body and substance. She was searching for a greater amount of reds, yellows and greens on the site. She was entirely content with the general client experience. As per me, the point that is raised by Sarah is very substantial and ought to be followed considering the subject of the site. Utilization of more splendid hues will go with the equivalent. Audit 2 The subsequent audit was finished by another companion Jacob. Jacob is an investor and is 45 years old. Jacob found the site great as far as the plan, shading plan, topic and format. He anyway felt that the alternatives, for example, About Us and Contact Us ought to have been available on the highest point of the site as opposed to at the base. He likewise felt that all-tops content plan ought to have been utilized for the 10 menu alternatives as opposed to every one of them written in little characters. As indicated by me, the content that is utilized in the menu choices is fine the manner in which it is. Be that as it may, the other purpose of concern raised by Jacob is substantial. Clients do get a kick out of the chance to see the Contact Us and About Us alternatives directly in front when they open a site. These will be move to the header zone. Suggestions Based on the investigation of the site and the remarks got during the survey from different clients, following enhancements have been recommended. The pictures that are available on the site ought to have an alt-text that can be consolidated effectively in the HTML tag for pictures. The client additionally thinks that its agreeable to feel associated with the site through the highlights, for example, Contact Us and About Us. Consequently, these alternatives ought to be moved in to the header segment of the site. The consistency ought to be kept up over all the website pages. Header and footer area must be kept the equivalent on all the pages. The foundation of the site can be turned somewhat more fascinating instead of the decision of keeping everything white. A foundation containing a self-design or an alternate shading, for example, peach or turquoise would make the site increasingly alluring and speaking to the client. End The site for Myer scores well on the intuitiveness and convenience structure standards. It satisfies a portion of the essential prerequisites of the HCI structure standards. In any case, there are a portion of the minor issues that were found in the site as far as consistency and blunder taking care of. The audit from the two different clients likewise proposes that the site satisfies the client desires and has gotten a decent input as far as the client experience. A portion of the proposals, for example, utilization of alt text, enhancements regarding consistency, clarity and the foundation shading have been recommended to improve the intelligence and ease of use parts of the site. References (2016). Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design | Design Principles FTW. [online] Available at: guidelines of-interface-plan [Accessed 2 Aug. 2016]. Myer. (2016). Myer. [online] Available at:[Accessed 2 Aug. 2016]. Preece, J., Sharp, H. furthermore, Rogers, Y. (2015). Past human-PC collaboration. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Aug. 2016]. Sklar, J. (2014). Standards of Web Design. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Aug. 2016]. Trenchard-Seys, P. (2010). 11 Principles of Interaction Design clarified. [online] Paul Trenchard-Seys/the Short Bored Surfer. Accessible at: of-association configuration clarified/[Accessed 2 Aug. 2016].

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Characteristics of Millennial Generation Research Paper

Qualities of Millennial Generation - Research Paper Example These youngsters experienced childhood in a time of expanding security estimates, for example, school lockdowns, vehicle seats, and indications of body ready. These youngsters are seldom left unattended to and are shielded from dealing with their contentions. Their folks advocate for them and extra them from encounters respected disagreeable. American history development on youth wellbeing has concentrated on the millennial age. Millennial are objective situated, certain and propelled later on and in themselves. Millennial anticipate that instruction foundations should push them to enormity. This gathering boasts about their latent capacity and force (Haugen 34). They are idealistic and feel associated with their gatekeeper. They penance their personalities to be inside the group. Millennial inclines toward authority of libertarian yet not chains of command. This age has shaped an age that is tight-knight. Millennial abhorrence standing apart among their age mate, they favor being a piece of the gathering. They are against narrow-mindedness and are coordinated towards volunteerism and learning. Evaluation purpose of this age has increased and wrongdoing is falling. This gathering is arranged to difficult work, getting passing marks and inclusion in co-curricular exercises. They depict training as the way in to a more lucrative activity and achievement (Haugen 44). Millennial consistently center around their vocation since their evaluation school. They additionally center more around the accomplishment of the world than their self-awareness. Millennial age are constrained; loaded up with exercises that are structures. Furthermore, they have issues of time the executives in spite of possessing more energy for schoolwork. Thusly, the millennial have strain to make it throughout everyday life. They have been pushed to succeed, evade hazards, and amplify on circumstances. Millennial are conscious and customary; don't address authority. They accept on the country to deal with their issues and dread being viewed as non-conventionalist. Their music, social stamping, and attire are

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Critical Reflection Example Essay

Critical Reflection Example EssayA critical reflection example essay must be a perfect reflection of the students' writing skills and ability to reflect on and critically analyze academic information, ideas, and/or situations. A good critical reflection example essay should enable the students to express their thought processes, even when they are written in colloquial English.A reflective essay example should not be an ad for an essay. This type of assignment is not appropriate for high school, junior or senior year, or any other class of students. The primary reason for this is that a reflective essay can be very challenging to write because of the subject matter, the style of the writer, and the subject's focus on the verbal analysis of text, thoughts, and ideas.The reflective essay example can be a critical reflection, but it must be written in a style that shows students how to properly construct a conclusion, figure out their point of view, and their opinion on the subject in q uestion. The best reflective essays usually incorporate some academic scholarship and research, and it is common for students to be well versed in reading and listening comprehension and even some computer literacy, which enables them to use a computer to help them write and analyze their reflective essays.In order to get students to write a reflective essay example, they must be guided by the idea that the student writer is their personal teacher, mentor, and adviser. The reflective essay should be both personal and reflective. For example, a reflective essay should describe the student's childhood memories, the experiences that influenced the way the student lives his or her life, the thoughts that the student expresses when he or she is reflecting on and analyzing the situation.When writing reflective essay examples students must always use proper grammar and sentence structure. Spelling and punctuation errors should be avoided at all times. Good spelling and proper usage improve the quality of the writing, which can greatly improve the students' ability to communicate.Grammar and punctuation are two important rules that should always be followed when writing reflective essay examples. A lot of students are taught correct usage and correct grammar by teachers, but it is important to be able to communicate what is being said in a simple and clear manner to all students. Students need to be able to clearly articulate ideas.Furthermore, students who understand grammar and how to correctly spell and punctuate are able to follow proper structure when writing reflective essay examples. Creating a simple outline with all of the information to be expressed and then making a statement about it is an excellent way to begin your reflective essay. Students are able to write more effectively when they understand this basic structure, which has been created in the beginning stage of the essay.One of the easiest ways to begin your reflective essay is to write a summary, o r introduction to the essay, which should contain your personal opinion on the topic or situation that you are analyzing. If you have written your personal thoughts and have used proper grammar and spelling, it is time to move on to the second part of the reflective essay example: the actual writing of the essay. It is important to remember that you are writing in the third person, and that you are using pronouns such as 'I', 'me', 'mine', 'my', 'mine' and so on.

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Role Model Worthy For The Field Of Social Work - 1632 Words

There are many interesting and role model worthy people in the field of social work and social justice in general. A few of these people include: Francis Feldman, Charles Loring Brace, Grace Abbott, and many more. All of these people are worth of talking about when thinking of the idea of my personal role model, but I find one woman to stand out more than the others. She is the woman who started many social justice movements. This woman is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and â€Å"demonstrated the ethics and values that became the basis of the 100-year-old social work profession† (â€Å"Jane Addams†, 1998). She accomplished a lot in her life time and I can only hope to accomplish half of what she did. This woman that I am speaking about is†¦show more content†¦In 1889, the two leased the house built by Charles Hull and began one of the most important and successful things that Addams did in her lifetime. Adams and Starr â€Å"made speeches about the need s of the neighborhood, raised money, convinced young women of well-to-do families to help, took care of children, nursed the sick, listened to outpourings from troubled people† (â€Å"Jane Addams- Biographical, n.d.). This same article states that by its second year of existence, the Hull House hosted around two thousand people a week. The Hull House â€Å"consisted of eighteen national groups: Italian, Greek, Mexican, British, Scandinavian, Polish, German, Russian, Czechoslovakian, French, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Swiss, Rumanian, Yugoslavian, Belgian, Finnish and Dutch† (â€Å"Spartacus Educational†, n.d.). The people who lived there paid rent and contributed to the various activities and services that the house provided. These activities and services included things that helped them and others in the community (â€Å"About Jane Addams†, n.d.). These various programs include: an employment bureau, children’s clubs, music classes, and classes in lan guage, painting, and mathematics (â€Å"Jane Addams, 1998). The Hull House also offered a nursery, kindergarten, public kitchen, and access to public baths, a playground, an art gallery, coffee house, gym, pool, and much more (â€Å"About Jane Addams, n.d.). Aside from the Hull House Addams was a part of many other movements and established many other

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Essay on Anti Globalization - 3397 Words

Antiglobalization Anti-globalization is a term used to describe the political stance of individuals and groups who oppose the neoliberal form of globalization (using the term globalization in a doctrinal sense not a literal one). Anti-globalization is also used to refer to opposition to international integration (using the term globalization in a literal sense not a doctrinal one). Anti-globalization can denote either a single social movement or an umbrella term that encompasses a number of separate social movements[1] In either case, participants stand in opposition to the unregulated political power of large, multi-national corporations, particularly the powers exercised through trade agreements. The political power of†¦show more content†¦For instance, free trade positively contributes to overall development of the world. Global free trade promotes global economic growth, it creates jobs, makes companies more competitive, and lowers prices for consumers. It also provides poor countries, th rough infusions of foreign capital and technology, with the chance to develop economically and by spreading prosperity creates the conditions in which democracy and respect for human rights may flourish. Unfortunately, anti-globalists do not see the good sides of globalization and they argue that economic growth does not necessarily make people happier, and often makes them miserable; that institutions like World Bank have made the rich richer while making the nonrich poorer; that conventional idea of free trade are wonderful for managers and stockholders, but hell on workers and nature; and that a turn away the accumulation of things and toward more humane pursuits would be highly welcome (Korden, 2001). AT THIS TIME New tactics and technologies have radically changed the face of protest activity and generated renewed life in the reality of demonstrations. Gone are old-style gatherings confined to waving place cards and banners, declaiming speakers, and moderate controlled matches in specific locations. Todays demonstrations resurrecting the anarchist theme of direct action employ a host ofShow MoreRelatedThe Reasons For Anti Globalization Protests1263 Words   |  6 PagesAl-Rodhan, Globalization is defined as the process of integration across the whole world uprising from the interchange of values and ideas of different aspects including political, economical, social, environmental and cultural aspects. Advancements in technology made the process of globalization go further in recent decades. It favors people to communicate, travel and exchange the ideas. However, a coin has two sides. There are different problems carried out by the globalization. Therefore, anti-globalizationRead MoreAnti Gl obalization Protest The World Trade Organization2356 Words   |  10 Pageslabor market consequences of international integration have been at the center debate. Anti-globalization protest the World Trade Organization-WTO, the International Monetary Fund - IMF and the World Bank meetings reveal that many people fear that they may lose their job or may be confronted with lower wages because of the threat of fiercer international competition. However, based on a 2007 WTO report globalization efforts have only increased as innovations in transportation and communications lowerRead MoreA Book No Logo : No Space, No Choice `` No Jobs ``1575 Words   |  7 Pages 40 minutes Video on an idea of Naomi Klein, No Logo- Brands, Globalisation and Resistance (2003), directed by Sut Jhally. Abstract: Naomi Klein, one of the leaders in the anti-globalization movement. His book No Logo are summarized, analysis and discussed some problems of globalization. Such as, during anti-globalization activists, how should economist respond? The topics covered in the context are the facts about poverty, inequality of income, trade liberalization facts and economic growth inRead MoreGlobalization And Negative Benefits Of The Automobile Industry Essay1732 Words   |  7 PagesI. Introduction Globalization -Positive and Negative Benefits In today’s fast paced world, many would say that globalization is electrifying, bringing with it worldwide advancement and opportunities as well as economical business growth across nations. Many would also suggest that it has opened doors to the larger demographics of information and communication that crosses geographic, social and cultural boundaries. As a result of globalization, the worldwide market has expanded; bring togetherRead MoreWhat Would Our Nation Do Without Globalization and International Trade? 1574 Words   |  7 Pagesassisting organizations in becoming globally competitive. Strategic imperatives have helped in the development of globalization. Organizations can no longer stand still while their competitors grow stronger. This causes organizations to seek out new markets. Survival is a key indicator for an organization to enter into a global market place. What would our nation do without globalization and international trade? Below is a list of how i nternational trade assists our nation’s economy according toRead MoreThe Case for Contamination by Kwame Anthony Appiah620 Words   |  3 PagesNew York Times, speaks of the topic of how globalization affects individuals in many aspects of their life. He discusses how forcefully preserving cultures can harm a culture more than help it. While the article is lengthy, it goes into great detail about how globalization affects people in countries all over the world, even Ghana. Globalization makes a large impact on the world we see today and cultural groups can benefit from the effects of globalization because it promotes diversity, creates cosmopolitanRead MoreThe World Trade Center Buildings1716 Words   |  7 PagesWith the benefits of globalization, terrorism seems to only serve as an initiative for all nations to unite their governments under the safe umbrella of one global village. Since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings, the world has been watching America, its citizens and government to gauge our response and the steps we would take to counteract and prevent such acts of terrorism from occurring again. The reaction of our government was to screen and scrutinize foreignersRead MoreThe Recent Executive Order Signed By President Trump Stating1336 Words   |  6 PagesThe recent executive order signed by President Trump stating the U.S. will withdraw from negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal has major implications for â€Å"globalization.† Obama’s administration had pushed hard for it because it was essentially an attempt to create a single market for the United States and 11 other countries that border the Pacific Ocean, including Canada, Mexico, and Chile. The TPP’s idea was to make goods flow more freely and cheaply between all partners. All of TPP’s partnersRead MoreVenezuelan Crisis: Grounds for Revolution? Essay1515 Words   |  7 Pagesresult of globalization through media and communications. In the same way, globalization is not just about economic relationships or trade. When studying a nation’s political culture, it is important to take a look at how globalization has impacted it. Globalization is broader than one topic; it is the development of our world as a result of interdependence and communication. Globalization is propelled greatly by the economy, especially by free trade and the free flow of capital. Globalization is theRead MoreIs Globalism Vs. Nationalism The Ideological Struggle Of The 21st Century?1221 Words   |  5 Pagesglobalism, the belief that globalization is normal and good, surprised leaders on both sides of the left and the right. This is in part because these leaders do not believe that globalism is an ideology. However, Greg Ip argues that globalization is an ideology and provides the reader with an in-depth recounting of the beginnings of globalization. He also shows how these leaders have not been able to see the i ll effects of globalization, and that the people against globalization have both social and economic

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Essay on History of African American Music - 1267 Words

Yasmin Gonzalez Mrs. Herrera Junior English 1 March 2012 History of African American Music â€Å"In less than a minute, the death wail went up out of every cabin in the Quarters, and Brother Ezekial began the death chant: Soon one morning, Death come knocking at my door†¦. Oh, my lord, What shall I do† (Walker 17)? Death was common for slaves. They routinely died from disease, beatings and accidents on the plantation, and they expressed their sorrow in the form of song. â€Å"I see death around the corner, gotta stay high while I survive, †¦ Keep my finger on the trigger, no mercy in my eyes† (â€Å"Death Around†). Death is still common in the African American society. â€Å"Black males ages 15-19 die from homicide at 46 times the rate of their white†¦show more content†¦During this time period, music began to evolve. Woog says, â€Å"These immigrants, naturally, brought their music. During the next decades, black popular music flourished, developing into several key genres and moving steadily into mainstream American culture† (20). As they did, music began to grow into three obvious styles: ragtime, blues, and jazz. Starting this new era was ragtime. As pianos became common in saloons, clubs, brothels and middle-class homes (Woog 22), ragtime became very popular. Pianos were one of the main instruments, although a piano could have also been accompanied by bongo drums or an acoustic guitar. The ambiance of this genre is generally expressed in a fluent and joyful way. Another type of music of this exquisite age was blues and it wasn’t a secret. Blue and Naden agree when saying: Ragtime wasnt the only music to come from gospel. Around the turn of the 20th century, a different sound was drifting out of the Mississippi Valley and out of Tin Pan Alley. It would overtake rag in popularity and endurance, †¦it was associated with the haunting heartaches of life and thus came to be called the blues. Ragtime and blues were alike in many ways but different in many others. Blues was genuinely emotional ; it had a darker side to it. Singing was the key tool to blues; it wasn’t so much the type of instruments that were used but more of theShow MoreRelatedAfrican Music And Its Impact On The World1051 Words   |  5 Pagesmost music we hear today is profanity such as rap or pop or basically any music in the united states. But there is one culture that hasn t changed that much but has stayed to their roots and is still popular today. That is African American music. Because of the rise of modern day music in America such as rap and pop I want to show how African music has impacted the world today and stayed in their roots. African music or better known as black music brought a lot of different types of music to AmericaRead MoreWorld Music: The Emotional Effect of Music Essays846 Words   |  4 Pagesthe communication that is experienced when listening to instrumental music. This will cover the intrapersonal and intercultural connection that the music communicates. The paper will discuss both of these points by focusing on 4 different cultures and show the differences in the music styles by showing what emotions the music is communicating by way of instrument, voice, tone and tempo. While many cultures use all forms of music to communicate their beliefs and emotion I could only pick a few toRead MoreHistory of the Blues Essay1018 Words   |  5 Pages In one way shape or form Blues music has influenced almost every music artist and their work. Jazz and Blues gave way to such artists as Elvis Presley and Chuck Barry. The history and origins of Blues traces back many generations. Many articles have been written over the years helping readers better understand the history and importance of Blues music. All the articles have a similar attitude toward The Blues. Each article makes Blues Musics social and musical importance and impact blaringlyRead MoreAfrican Americans Influence On Music1229 Words   |  5 Pagesblack culture represented in most hip-hop; that is the dominating music genre that expresses African American views. It’s not so easy to remember where African Americans influence on music al began. Black influence on music today is really unrecognized but it’s important to bring to light just how much African Americans really have contributed to the sound, style, and feel of today’s music. Not just h ip-hop or rap, but all kinds of music. There was one particular sound that really changed America andRead MoreThe Blues, A Genre Of Music905 Words   |  4 Pagesblack and from the south to play the blues? The blues, a genre of music so well known and so universal, that one knows is associated with black culture; and forever connected to it. However, some may argue that not anyone can play the blues and blues is only black music. That being said, does it matter what the skin color of an individual may be to play the blues? In contrast I strongly believe anyone can play the blues because music is the purest form of creativity and communication. The realityRead MoreThe History, Criticism And Theory Of The Arts935 Words   |  4 Pages both modern and classical; linguistics; literature; history; jurisprudence; philosophy; archaeology; comparative religion; ethics; the history, criticism and theory of the arts†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (â€Å"What Are the Humanities?†). This definition can be used to analyze the African continent; the practices and various cultural aspects that can be found in America, in particular in the African American population; as well as the international relations, and history. Interviewees were asked different questions about AfricaRead MoreHow Hip Hop Is Influenced By African Americans And Hispanic Americans909 Words   |  4 Pagesmusical art form, it was created by African-Americans and Latino-Americans in the 1970s. Its concept came from a younger generation of African-Americans in the Bronx, it is different from rap because it also includes elements of pop ,some say it was a beautiful, prideful ex pression of music, art, and dance from a backdrop of poverty. Since that ignition in a New York City borough, it has inspired people from all across the world to produce this genre of music. However in 2015 Hip-Hop ContinuesRead MoreThe Struggle For Equality And Rights During The Civil War1323 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican history was radically changed when President Abraham Lincoln gave the very famous Emancipation Proclamation. This lead to the freedom of millions of African Americans who sought the same liberty and equality that was promised to everyone under the United States constitution. These liberties, of course, were not achieved right away. During the Reconstruction era, which is the decade right after the Civil War, many of the recently freed slaves did not have money, property, or credit. TheyRead MoreThe Black Atlantic : Modernity And Double Consciousness1190 Words   |  5 Pagesvarious experiences of Africans across various locations such as Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe. Gilroy also highlighted many intellectual contributors to the discussion, which included Fredrick Douglas, Donald Byrd, W.E.B. DuBois and Richard Wright. His approach to the diaspora study differed from the typical, but did incorporate personal stories from those who experienced it themselves. While focusing on the various components of the work including nationalism, race, music, double consciousnessRead MoreThe Jazz : A Music Genre1078 Words   |  5 PagesName: Sofia Endara Research Paper Jazz The Jazz is a music genre that was developed from the traditions of West Africa, Europe and North America. It arises specifically in New Orleans, Louisiana, home of musical style, where was a large consignments of slaves, mainly western Africa. That is why the jazz comes from the combination of three traditions: the native American, African and European. The African-American community in South America developed its musical expression through creative improvisation

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Security Issues And Solution Internet Of Things

Question: Discuss about the Internet of Things for Security Issues and Solutions. Answer: Introduction The computers in the global network are interconnected through TCP/IP is called Internet. Internet changed the way for people from different parts of the world to connect with each other to share, learn and care instantly. Today, more devices used at home for an average household are connected to internet than the number of people at home. Internet of Things (IoT), involves set of devices and systems that interconnect real-world sensors and actuators to the Internet. IP address is the unique ID used to identify each device on the internet. So IoT is internet connectivity of smart objects and embedded system other computing devices with the existing Internet infrastructure. The gadgets used, device application, communication module, data security plays key role in performance, adoption, acceptance and behaviour of the IOT service. Copy of your published research report Summary of discussion The research report published by Federal Trade Commission covers both positive and negative aspects of IoT. On one end the view reflected in report is that regulations around IoT should be done in such a way that it should not adversely affect the benefits of Iot as they believe that IoT can lead to innovation that Supports Smart Living concept (Ungerleider; 2015). They believe that adoption of IoT will lead to increased use of fitness and general health monitoring devices which inherently bring health awareness and overall well being of society. Other view covered in the paper is that IoT should be regulated in early stages before there are cases of losses incurred due to data leakage and misuse. they believe that governance and legislations should be imposed irrespective of the benefits of IoT. They believe that data captured in IoT world is highly sensitive and if hacked by wrong hands then it might be used inappropriately for various decisions by corporate. Examples being insuran ce companies may use one's personal data to decide on insurance premiums, employers may take employments decisions and offer jobs in a biased fashion if they hold sensitive information of a perspective job applicant, financial companies that take credit decisions, housing and mortgage decisions may be influenced by these personal details. We believe that more points can be covered as part of security considerations in IoT world and same will be covered in subsequent sections. Issue not addressed adequately in the report From the discussion in above heads till now and from the research report we understand that IoT is a vast dramatic phenomenon which if used and applied effectively can lead to benefits that could lead to upliftment of human life, social circle and standard of living in general. BUT, from the discussion we also understand that if the technology and security governance applied is not effective then it might lead to security breaches that pose even a greater risk. If this darker side of IoT is exposed (like by misuse of data by cyber-attackers) then it may lead to financial damages or even physical injury. This will break trust of public in technology and benefits that IoT inherently carry and this should be avoided on highest priority. With that context, we will have to drive a way for growth of IoT so that it is win-win situation for Companies (device makers) Pioneering in IOT and their consumers. The research paper does not cover how this win-win situation can be achieved. We will need to do following things to achieve such strategic growth for IoT: Understand the loop holes leading to security issues (Storm; 2015) Device makers to focus on security and remediation to build efficient and robust devices Conduct workshop and Educate people to utilise and make out benefits from IoT offerings Loop holes leading to security issues: Use of weak passwords Unrestricted account enumeration Insufficient access controls Single system with two factor authentication Improperly and poorly configured SSL/TLS Insecure Cloud based interface Lack of account lock feature in case of automated machine attack Insecure Mobile based interface Unsecured data transfer methods Vulnerability to account harvesting leading hacker to guess and penetrate in system Impact of the above mentioned issues and their application/impact in the real world The impact of above mentioned issues is that the IoT products and offerings are mistrusted and have become synonym for breach (Daniel; 2015). This is not conductive to innovation and growth of the IoT segment. Due to this gap we can see the impact that IoT offerings are not adopted by consumers in market. This implicitly hinders the growth of the ioT world, also, users cannot make out value or benefit from the marvellous and up to the mark offering of IoT world. Few examples: Location Tracking Device: (eg to track ones child; people do not use as it might give information to wrong people leading to child kidnapping case) Medical and Heath Monitoring Devices: (people hesitate to adopt as it might leak data to insurance companies thus raising premiums) Vehicle central monitoring: leaked data might lead to Cars and Other Vehicles theft These are just few examples (Greenberg and Zetter; 2015) where in spite of extreme capabilities of IoT product offerings these are not adopted due to high probability of security failure and subsequently threat to consumer. We will cover remediation and solution in subsequent section. Reflection on Learning from discussions As covered in above section for the security issues below are the remediation and learning (Lomas; 2015) from the analysis of research report: Governance protocols for IoT Offerings: The governing agencies should issue legislation for the IoT device manufacturing companies so to cover from following perspective: Usage of proper data encryption methodology Usage of secure network to transfer data Practice Data minimization Encrypted connection for communication Network security and resilience Data privacy extensive Security testing (covers privacy, autonomy and spying) TCP connection may be encrypted with SSL/TL security by design increasing consumer transparency about data usage and re-usage Public awareness Workshops: We should make aware people about the control in place to handle any issues arising out of usage of IoT products Encourage people to centralise and encrypt network so that is is not possible to hack Use software and hardware solutions designed to mitigate IoT vulnerabilities Ready to tackle security breaches (if occurs) and secure essential data immediately Usage of Strong Credentials Avoid sharing extra (unrequired) Personal details with others/ vendors With these guidelines, and with appropriate security measures in every aspect we will be able to harness this most-hyped, emerging technology that will undoubtedly revolutionize the world. Conclusion There is a lot of work being done throughout the industry to make this framework more efficient and robust. There are lots of ideas flowing in from everywhere about how to build new systems using the IoT and many of them have also been implemented to provide some potential benefits. IoT with the wonders it can do , has also equally triggered security and privacy concerns both to the Business and the end users .Best thing, for now, is to educate ourselves in this smart framework and understand the potential benefits and challenges related to the IoT. To mitiage the risks associated with IoT products would require business, governance body and people to work in concurrence towards common goal References Storm, D. (Feb 11, 2015).Of 10 IoT-connected home security systems tested, 100% are full of security FAIL. Retrieved on 16th Sept from Daniel. (Dec 29, 2015).Wearables IoT Security, Privacy and Safety Concerns. 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